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Welcome to Bearing House Industries - where we carry a large assortment of bearings, sprockets, seals, chains, v-belts, valves, clamps, plus a whole lot more. If you don't see what you need call us so that we can help you.

We are a local family owned business who strives for the best in customer service and carry only quality dependable products. Not only do we sell a large variety of bearings, gears, belting, etc, but we ALSO provide hose assemblies while you wait, and several quality services as well. We also provide a free local delivery and pick-up service.




Bearing House Industries & Hydraulics

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Find discounted prices on hydraulic and bearing parts and accessories.


Our Philosophy

When you place your order, we will do everything needed to get it to you ASAP. If we do not have it in stock, we'll get it for you!


buy hoses, bearings, and hydraulics parts and fittings


We have a knolegable and experienced staff on hand to help you. We promise to work hard for you.

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Headquarters in El Paso, TX

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